Holland Heineken House Crowd Surfing in Beijing

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Holland Heineken House Crowd Surfing in Beijing

You don’t merely turn up to the Olympics and enjoy them. There is a whole side to these games which is just as grueling as the training regimes of the athletes. It may as well be its own Olympic event; the Olympic Parties.

If you can party every night during the Olympics you are just as much a champion as Stephanie Rice. Beijing was always going to be a tough place to have international Olympics parties. That tough in fact, that the world famous Sports Illustrated party, didn’t even turn up up this year in Beijing. Its parties were legendary with an A-List guest list and a never ending budget that included the finest champagne’s and caviars.

This Olympics, Club Bud, from the American beer Budweiser is trying to fill the void. So far Club Bud has got A+ for the look of it’s nightclub, yet they have yet to be at full capacity. They expect all that to change this weekend as the hard-partying swimmers finish up their Olympics and begin the next test.

One party venue which has grown each Olympics is the Holland Heineken House. At the Sydney Olympics the House’s legend was born as Aussie’s clamored to party with the Dutch. This year they have taken over the Agriculture Museum in Beijing, an old Chinese temple, that lights up the dark smog-riddled sky at night. Entering the Holland Heineken House you get a sense of excitement. You know special things are going to happen inside this orange draped event. It’s the same kind of feeling I used to get when I walked into the Cobram Blue Disco when I was 13.

You are greeted at the door by beautiful, young, blonde Dutch girls covered head to toe in orange. You are then encouraged to buy a computerized beer debit card where you feel like filling it with every dollar you have. As you pass smiling beauties there are flat screen TV’s every few yards. As an Aussie sports lover you begin to analyse if this nation was founded by us and they just one day got a frog in their throat and begun speaking in a funny accent. By the time you reach the big main hall, where their nightly parties are, you will have already made 20 new friends from Holland, discussed the hockey results, put on a pair of clogs, learnt how to build a windmill and drank 4 beers.

Being in the main hall is quite amazing in itself. At the end is a huge movie-theatre type screen with a Dutch guy competing in the badminton. The whole crowd is cheering every point as if it is the World Cup soccer final. Straight after the game finishes the screen disappears and the music starts. The other night they had Jan Smit come out and sing. Yes Jan Smit, you got to know who he is. He is kind of a toss up between Holland’s version of Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll. Probably more like Guy Sebastian although I did see a photo of his Mrs that he proudly showed me. CHECK FOR JAN SMIT VIDEO INTERVIEW

As the women sway gently to Jan Smit’s romantic pop songs I even found myself looking into my half empty cup of beer dreaming about my days in Holland. Just as quick as he started he was off the stage for the next event. A Dutch guy had won a bronze medal and was introduced on stage where the crowd lost it. Cheering wildly for this bronze medalist you actually start to question whether a bronze warrants this much adulation. This is called the medal ceremony and is a nightly ritual in the Holland house for athletes that have had Olympic success. Part of the ceremony involves him jumping off stage and crowd surfing. This trend also started at the Sydney Olympics with Dutch champion Inge De Bruin actually insisted she crowd surf for half an hour. She had never had so many hands touch her body at once. Although not competing this Olympics I still expect her to enjoy the crowd surfing experience again.

Tuesday night something rare happened. A foreign athlete was celebrating with his friends in the Holland House. In the spirit of the Olympics, our very own Aussie Robin Bell, on the back of his bronze that day in the kayaking was invited to his own Dutch Medal Ceremony. With about 200 Aussies in the crowd along with a few thousand Dutch the place erupted. An excited Robin Bell launched his large frame into the crowd for the traditional crowd surf. It was a proud moment for both nations, nations both built on the love of sports and beer. Lets hope Stephanie Rice makes a guest appearance. If she crowd surfs the lads might never let go of her.

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  1. Hey Blanksie,

    Was watching the Aussie girls in the pool tonight and for a second, thought you had somehow found your way into the women’s squad for a chance at a medal…

    Then I realised I was watching Jessicah Schipper.

    Oh well.

    Keep up the good work mate. I’ll keep watching the coverage until I see in the crowd somewhere.


    flakesy, 11 years ago

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  4. Oh how I remember Heineken House here in Sydney’s Olympics. It was a fantastic time. The kroketten, bier and happy Dutchies, was something I still remember so well. I miss not being in Beijing there with them. “Hup, hup Holland”!!!

    Tina Bekker-Comino, 11 years ago

  5. Blansky! love your work. The Phelps interview was sweet… he seems like a top bloke. Seems like you are having a great time over there. Now that Steph’s campaign is over hopefully you will see her cruising around the games – I hear she is into men’s rowing so you may have some luck over there…

    See you back in the Big Apple soon,

    Bec, 11 years ago

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