Stephanie Rice Gold and I have no beer to celebrate

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Stephanie Rice Gold and I have no beer to celebrate

When I told my mates that I was on the way to China for the Olympics they all got quite excited. One of my mates Travis, said to me that I should track down Stephanie Rice and get a photo with her. Another mate of mine Simon said that she is pretty hot and that I should ask her out now that she is single. I said that would be tough as I had recently got married. A month into my marriage wouldn’t be the right time to attempt to run off with Australia’s hottest swimming property. I’m probably not her type anyway; my strongest swimming stroke is the dog paddle.

Although I had counted myself out of the race to be the next man to court her, I was definitely on the Stephanie Rice band wagon to win gold in Beijing. Without a ticket to Aquatic Centre I was forced to watch the race on TV in my hotel. Six other Australians staying in the hotel joined me in my room for my very own swimming party.

The rooms in this hotel are very communist chic. Lots of wood, sliding doors that slide open slowly, soap as big as 50 cent pieces, toilet paper on rolls that are empty after two trips to the loo, hard wood cabinets that hurt when you stub your toe, beds that feel like you are sleeping on a slab of concrete, a fridge that isn’t turned on, and a TV that was made in 1979.

Ten in the morning didn’t feel right to be watching Olympians swim for gold. It didn’t feel right that we weren’t drinking beer as we settled down to watch a great Australian sporting moment. And it didn’t feel right that we were watching this with Chinese commentary. Where was the sense of drama and excitement? We are swimming fans brought up on the magic of Norman May. As we all crammed around the old television we were forced to create our own “Stephanie Rice feel good story”. Who really needs commentary anyway as we discussed the theories surrounding Eamon and her breakup.

Cheering loud for Stephanie as she won Olympic gold, our staid Beijing hotel was briefly filled with merriment and madness.

As she stood on the dias, looking absolutely beautiful, accepting her gold medal I couldn’t help to think that our nation’s young men were celebrating her victory as well her newfound status as single.

My swimming party quickly came to an end as everyone filed out of the room to begin the rest of the day, going off to events like beach volleyball and basketball. Maybe we wouldn’t get the Olympic glory at these events but at least they were at a time in the day when sport should be played, and more importantly when beer should be drunk.

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  1. Read your article in the MX Blanksie – Great work!

    Cheezel, 11 years ago

  2. sure to get that picture with her blanksie!

    DanIlic, 11 years ago

  3. What do you mean you couldn’t drink beer at ten in the morning?

    Jughead, 11 years ago

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