Stephanie Rice with Michael Phelps as Eamon looks on

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Stephanie Rice with Michael Phelps as Eamon looks on

Nursing what looked like a hangover, the sunglass-wearing Eamon Sullivan didn’t even steal a fleeting glance at his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Rice at another Speedo promotional event yesterday. He was the only man not looking at her.

Eamon Sullivan, Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, Grant Hackett… that a beer belly on Hackett???

The added bonus of this Aussie beauty being there ensured the press corp waiting for Phelps were not bored. She shone in the Beijing sun wearing skimpy casual clothing. At 19 years of age it must be easy to look good after a big night of partying at the Holland Heineken House. She was there with the Australian swim team who all blended in to the crowd of Dutch at the hottest Olympic party place in town. Stephanie was in her post-meet element dancing and having photos taken with her new found fans.

Although there was mild interest yesterday from the Aussie reporters about Stephanie’s and Eamon’s body language to each other, the true excitement was surrounding the arrival of Michael Phelps. He now has an official press corp of 200, half of which is made up of Chinese press who are more interested in autographs than stories. US TV executives are hoping he will join the synchronized swim team by Thursday so they hang on to some of the Michael Phelps ratings bonanza.

Michael Phelps arrived at the Speedo Event in the sun and the local Chinese press went wild fighting with each other to get an autograph and a photo. The first publicity shot they staged was Michael with his top off, abs flexed with Stephanie embracing him. One reporter said “Gee, she should hold on to him, he’s going to be worth millions”. Where an old English cameraman replied wisely “hold on to him, that Phelps would be lucky to get her, she’s gorgeous”. Eamon wasn’t looking at all as Steph clasped onto Phelps’ taut body while the cameras clicked away.

It probably didn’t worry Eamon too much as he managed to light up the Beijing nightlife the previous night too. When I asked him how he felt right now he said “I’ve had a couple of big nights and surprisingly I’m feeling good”. Glad he felt good as the sunglasses didn’t hide the fragile state he looked like he was in.

Back in Athens in 2004 Phelps was partying a lot like Eamon. This Olympics his last few days has been programmed to ensure that not one marketing dollar is left on the table. I wanted to know if he was a part of Kobe Byrant’s posse or Kobe apart of his posse where he said “its cool to have his support, I got to hang out with him after the game”.

Hanging out or being part of posse cant be classed as true mateship. True mateship comes from a guy like Grant Hackett who said his goal for the week “is to try to get Eamon Sullivan drunk which is pretty easy as he is a Cadbury, a glass and a half and he’s absolutely gone.” With mates like this who needs a 3 time gold medalist hot girlfriend or hang out with Kobe Bryant.

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