Olympic Champion Gymnast Nastia Liukin is bigger than Brad Blanks

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Olympic Champion Gymnast Nastia Liukin is bigger than Brad Blanks

Nastia Liukin has lit up these games in the gymnastics. Nastia and her American teamates might not of beaten the Chinese infants (with the odd missing baby tooth) in the team event but she dominated in the individual all-around. Last night she was defeated by her good mate Shawn Johnson in the balance beam to get silver.

I was outside an ancient Chinese palace where Visa were doing all of their events. I waited for her and managed to get a couple of words as she ushered out with her entourage of men triple her in weight. Poor girl, you can see her eyes widen when see’s this 250 pound man begin to ask her questions. Got to give her credit for her composure.

She has 5 medals from these Olympics – one gold (the individual all-around), three silvers (team, uneven bars, beam), one bronze (floor). She tied the U.S. gymnastics record of five Olympic medals at one Games, set by Mary Lou Retton in 1984 and followed up by Shannon Miller in Barcelona in 1992.

In the video on the left is her dad Valeri, also a tiny man, with a big smile. He won four medals in the Seoul 1988 Olympics. He should have a big smile on his face as he has spawned a champion who won the event that he lost, the all-around.
The pace of this interview is more exciting than one of her events. Take a look at the video below

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