Stephanie Rice partying in Beijing at Holland Heineken House

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Stephanie Rice partying in Beijing at Holland Heineken House

This photo just had to go straight to the pool room. Australia’s 3 time Gold Medallist was partying like a rock star the other night at the Heineken House in Beijing. What a woman. Fantastic Girl. The following day she was out in the sun in skimpy Speedos clothes tussling with Michael Phelps topless. Phelps topless, not Stephanie, to the anger of the male photographers on hand.

Look at me, you can’t wipe the smile off my face.

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  1. How was she Blanksie?

    Cheezel, 11 years ago

  2. Blanksie can you shed any light on the rumour the great man Phelps may have stepped up and filled the void left by Eamon Sullivan… if he has it deserves more coverage than his efforts in the pool

    Tabby, 11 years ago

  3. Blanksie! You are the luckiest man alive! You need to bring me back Stephanie Rice. Tell her a strapping young Italian from New Jersey is just what she needs in her life. Of course, you’d be lying to her, but who cares? If you can’t get her, that Alicia Sacremone from the American gymnastics team would work too. She might be a little easier since she’s from Massachusetts and not, you know, the other side of the planet. But whichever one works.

    That is your side mission. Main mission is to DOMINATE, which so far so good. The other is to bring back hot, single, Olympian women for your lonely buddy Ray. Scratch that, they don’t have to be single, just hot and women. I’ll use my Jersey charm to win them over.

    And even if she is seeing Michael Phelps, it’s ok. This way when I win her over, I can say I am one degree of seperation from 8 gold medals. On the other hand, it’s probably better if she isn’t though since I’m Italian and the last thing my people need is to be linked to more cheap gold. Besides, there are rumors here in the States that Phelps is interested in Amanda Beard, the American softball player who I thought was married, or Lindsey Lohan. Long story on that one. Anyway, best of luck my friend and amazing stuff so far. We’ll catch up more when you get back.

    Ray Carsillo, 11 years ago

  4. I’m glad I’m smiling in the background – that could have been interesting.

    Fleta, 11 years ago

  5. Well done Blanksie, great interviews!

    Viking, 11 years ago

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