Michael Phelps in the sun with Brad Blanks

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Michael Phelps in the sun with Brad Blanks

At another big event for Speedo Michael Phelps turned up. The crowd was going wild in anticipation of seeing the great man. Mostly Chinese journalists who cant speak English, Phelps had to endure them photographing him and asking him for autographs. I managed to get a quick couple of words with him. Check out my video below with Phelpsie!

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  1. Blanks your interview with Sir Mick Phelps the greatest olympian ever right after his record breaking 8th gold is the equivelent to interviewing Brad Pitt out the front of Angelina’s hotel door the first time he pryed her open. George Negas style reporting blanks from the trenches

    cossy, 11 years ago

  2. How the bloody hell can you NOT have an agent?!?!?!?!? You should be doing network spots.

    b rivers, 11 years ago

  3. and while Blanksie was interviewing Brad Pitt – Cossi snuck in the back door and had a crack himself!!!! What a team!!!!!

    Cheezel, 11 years ago

  4. Chicken u stalking this bloke or what ? id be very worried if was him!!

    Skunk, 11 years ago

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