Hot Mexican Reporter seduces Michael Phelps poolside

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Hot Mexican Reporter seduces Michael Phelps poolside

Michael Phelps is the hottest man in Beijing, let along the world right now. No one can get an interview with him except a couple of short ones with NBC poolside. While I was at the pool I analysed the reporters lined up and saw how hard it was for these reporters to get interviews. I noticed at the end of a very long line of reporters was a beautiful young Mexican reporter.
I thought genius. If there is someone Michael Phelps will stop for it will be her. So I made my way over to watch the sting operation go down. This sting involved sex and seduction at every level. Hot young woman dressed like she’s about to go salsa dancing lays all the assets on the table in front of superstar swimmer wearing dick-stickers. Recipe for success.
Out popped her microphone and a big smile. Micheal couldn’t resist and lent in to give her a quick interview. This foxy Mexican had outsmarted the big guns of swimming pool interviewers. As you can see as a fellow interviewer I had to meet this street smart lady. I’m always at the end of red carpets and I most of the time get the interview. However I don’t look like her.

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